Quantification of
podocyte foot process

P  odocyte

E  xact Morphology


P  rocedure

PEMP is a quantitative and quick procedure measuring the slit membrane density. It is ideal to determine the exact foot process morphology in biopsies and kidney sections of mice and rats. PEMP is currently for research use only.

In 80% of kidney diseases podocytes are altered.*


Get a single value describing the podocyte morphology of the sample. PEMP identifies even small changes in the morphology. 


PEMP analysis between 12 to 20 Glomeruli per slice. This ensures a comprehensive evaluation with statistical inference. 


Up to 4 different biomarkers can be used per slice, allowing a qualitative analysis of the sample. You can choose from biomarkers from our existing pool or send us your preferred biomarker.

3D Reconstruction

3D reconstruction of the podocyte morphology including depth color coding.