How does it work?

Structured Illumination Microscopy

Podocytes have a size of only 50 nm. Until recently these cells could only be visualized using the Elecotronmicroscopy. Now with the aid of the super-resolution microscopy it is possible to make the podocytes visible under a fluorescence light microscope.

Kidney sample of a mice with Widefield Microscopy compared to SIM


Kidney slices are stained with an antibody (Nephrin) that makes the filtration slit visible. The filtration slit resides between the podocytes.

PEMP calculates a single value for a slice –Flitration Slit Density (FSD). This value describes the ratio between the length of the filtration slit and the surface area. 

Simplified a high value describes an intact morphology whereas a low value shows an effacement.


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